Our mission

Is to help our clients with the management of technological change, involving the evolution of appropriate strategies and their implementation.

Our clients need our expertise in combining elements of engineering, science and management techniques in order that they may fulfil their technological capabilities and thus maximize their strategic and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our strategy

Is, the successful development and implementation of  innovative  product and process technologies. To do so, we analyse our client’s external and internal environment, available resources and capabilities. We help to develop possible strategic options, select the best one and give strong support with its implementation.

We draw on a long expertise and numerous successful product and process development projects, which we performed from different perspectives as a supplier, incumbent or as consultants.

Our portfolio beside others embraces such  breakthrough technologies as ‘IVHF- Technology’ and ‘Advanced PUR- Gluing Technology’ and such successful pioneering product innovations like ‘DWD- Diffusion-open Roafing  and Walling Panel’, ‘Zela – a high performance structural  nano-adhesive for automotive and  aircraft manufacturing, the worldwide first conveyor belt using woven Kevlar® as carcase or ‘Kr2006 – the first moisture curing one component polyurethane adhesive for engineering wood applications in Europe’.

We inform you widespread and to the point.

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